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Inspired candles to bring a luxury fragrance to your home

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Ga-lè | Traditional Madi Name
Traditional meaning: The refused or the rejected. While some might see this as a negative connotation, I prefer to think of it as a unique and empowering trait. It reminds me that rejection is not a personal failure, but rather a natural part of the journey towards success. I started this business because of my passion for fragrance and the way that it can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to the power of scent. I would spend hours smelling different perfumes and candles, trying to identify the various notes and scents. As I got older, I became more interested in the therapeutic benefits of fragrance, and how certain scents can help to calm the mind and reduce stress.

I decided to turn my passion for fragrance into a business by starting Galè Candle’s. My goal was to create a line of candles that would not only smell amazing, but also provide a sense of calm and relaxation for those who burned them. I spent months researching and experimenting with different fragrance combinations, testing various waxes and wicks, and designing unique and eye-catching packaging.


Candles can be used as part of a mindfulness or relaxation routine. Lighting a calming candle and focusing on the flame can help to quiet the mind and promote a sense of calm and inner peace.


Our candles burn cleanly to illuminate and enrich your home’s atmosphere + energy. We use Soy wax for all our candles to offer a clean environmentally friendly candle.


We use eco-friendly materials in our candle's to work with the Earth, not against it. Each candle is hand poured and made in the UK.

Our Collection
Inspired candles to bring a luxury fragrance to your home
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Our Collection
Inspired candles to bring a luxury fragrance to your home
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These candles smell wonderful and I love the ingredients that go into them. I feel these candles not only have a wonderful smell but help me relax. I highly recommend them.

Sarah K

Gale's candles are so fragrant and they don't lose their scent. They are not overpowering and there are so many great scents to choose from.

Libby E.

First time getting these candles today, we got the 1 Million inspired and Si inspired scents. These candles are insanely good! We are definitely hooked! Top quality product

John Doe
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Our passion lies in the art of crafting exquisite fragrances that become an extension of your unique identity.

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